Sunday, 25 March 2018

13. Closing Post

Dear Examiner,

You will find all my media work to the right under the label 'AS Research and Planning'. Thank you for taking the time to review my work, hope you enjoy.

This blog is now closed. 

Friday, 23 March 2018

12. My Final Production

Here are my two finished deodorant adverts:

11. Production Review

Production Review: My production and my intended improvements
Here is a table of the responses from my reviews. I took into consideration all the information and made any necessary changes from my feedback.

Friday, 23 February 2018

10. My Planning Evidence

This is all the pre-production planning which I have done:

The character, casting and costume list - This was beneficial to me as I knew exactly what everyone needed to do and also their costumes. It was very simple to distribute among my actors so they were also aware what they needed to prepare for the shoot.

The location, set design and props list- This enabled me to get all the sets ready as I knew exactly how I wanted them to look and also, to know what props were needed.

The script- This is for the pack shot which will have a voice-over. This features at the end of both my adverts. "Wave. The new unisex deodorant for anyone, anywhere."

Shoot board- This is a sample from my shoot board which outlines the locations, camera framing, action taking place etc. This was a very easy guide to follow when producing my advert which aided the efficiency of production.

Shoot board 

 The storyboard - This helped me to visualise all the shots as well as determine exactly what framing is needed for each one. I first started by planning out what I wanted to happen in each shot then decided on any camera angles/movement and the framing of the shot.
One page of my storyboard

Thursday, 8 February 2018

9. The practicalities of filming: when and where production will take place and who with

The grid below depicts when and where I will be filming as well as identifies any possible risks.
I will be filming with friends from both in and out of school, the first advert will have 3 actors and the second will have 2 actors.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

8. The planning I intend to complete in order to ensure a successful outcome for my production

To be successful in my production I must first plan out the the necessary information to make sure my production is as smooth and efficient as possible.

I intend to produce:                                                  
  1.  a storyboard listing all the shot types, the sequence and any technical information (05/02/18)
  2.  a cast list along with costume so my actors are well informed and know what they should be wearing. (24/01/18)
  3. a set and props list (24/01/18)
  4. a shot list to ensure time efficiency when filming (05/02/18)
  5. a script for the end pack shot to inform the audience (10/03/18)
  6. test footage which will help me to test the production (15/02/18)
  7. audience feedback for any improvements to be made (16/03/18)
  8. Example shot list 
    This is a sample storyboard 
  9. a rough cut with music and editing (02/03/18)